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Thank you so much for deciding to be an Official.  You will find the endeavor rewarding.  This following information will help guide you through the process of getting certified in various positions.  Additional information is available by reviewing the annual Education Schedule.

Each member single or combined team must qualify with the Chairman of the Education Committee the following minimum number of officials to-wit:

  • 10 Timers,
  • 1 Chief Timer
  • 1 Computer Operator
  • 2 Stroke and Turn Judges,
  • 1 Starter,
  • 1 Referee,
  • 1 Clerk-Of-Course, and
  • 2 Records & Ribbons Officials
  • 3 Runners should be Certified
  • 1 Coach must attend the Coaches Meeting
  • 1 Coach must attend a Classroom Stroke & Turn Meeting

All teams will be required to certify and provide for each meet (6 lane pool), nine lane timers and one head timer.  Pools with less than six lanes will adjust accordingly.  Each lane will be required to have at least three timers per lane who will record official time according to USAS Rules Timers Section, Official Time Determination.  SAIL ribbons will be awarded according to previous SAIL policies.

SAIL League will recognize all currently USAS certified stroke and turn judges as SAIL certified officials.  We ask that those individuals requesting said certification to take the Stroke & Turn Clinic test so that they will be registered in the system and to forward an e-mail of their current certification to the Chairman of the Education Committee.

Official Certification

The primary goal of our annual Official Certification efforts is to create as much consistency, fairness and efficiency as possible at swim meets.  Our swimmers, coaches and team leaders work hard each year so it is important not to “water down” their efforts with mediocre officiating once we get to the swim meets.  Organizing and conducting a swim meet is a significant undertaking involving a number of volunteers. The meet Officials are given the responsibility to maintain a safe and fair environment for our swimmers to compete in.  SAIL has developed training programs for each of the positions that require certification.  Many of these learning sessions can be completed online.  Others also require attending a classroom session.

These positions require online content review and successful completion of the online test:

  • Records & Ribbons – certify
  • Runner – certify
  • Timer – certify
  • Chief Timer – certify

These positions require a classroom session (unless preapproved), online content review (and video review for Stroke and Turn) and successful completion of the online test:

  • Software – preapproved list   certify
  • Clerk of Course – preapproved list   certify
  • Stroke and Turn Judge – preapproved list   certify

If you have current USA Swimming S&T certification (whether or not you are on the “preapproved” list) … please forward an notifying the Officials Chairman of your certification and take the test at the end of the Stroke & Turn Clinic so that you will be registered in the database and have a name tag that matches.  Of course, we welcome and encourage you to review the material.

These positions require a classroom session, online content review and successful completion of the online test:

  • Coaches – certify
  • Starter – certify
  • Referee – certify