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Historical heat sheets from the Ancient Days posted!
Take a look and see who was in SAIL in the 70s and 80s!

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Championships & Classics 2005

Championships: July 16, Westside Aquatic Center; 9:00 am (8&U, 9-10), 2:30 pm (11-12, 13-14, 15-18)

Classics: July 17, Westside Aquatic Center, 1:30 pm

SAIL Reps: The executive committee will be meeting for Bloody Sunday at the Elliott Davis Building on Broad Street (downtown) tomorrow morning at 9:00 am. If you have any protests, or anything that needs to be addressed, please come there first thing.

You will still pick up your packets at 4:00 pm at First Baptist church under the carport drive through area (because it always rains when it's time for packet pick up!).

Only available to SAIL Reps: Preliminary Champs Psyche Sheet Preliminary Classics Psyche Sheet

Champs Meet Backup Classics Meet Backup

Practice Sessions and Warm-ups

Each team will be assigned an evening practice session at Westside the week before C/C. The number of lanes assigned to each team is based on the number of qualifiers. Westside personnel and Executive Committee members have full authority of the pool during practice sessions.

Things to remember:

  • Last 10 minutes will be for starts and finishes.
  • NO diving in 2-way traffic. Rigidly enforced!!!!

Warm-up schedules are assigned based on the drawings at the May coaches meeting. The number of lanes is based on the number of qualifiers for that session.

Practice & Warmup Schedule

Meet Qualifying

To be entered in Championships and /or Classics, all swimmers must be deemed eligible and must submit the SAIL Intent to Swim Form before the start of the Division Championship Meet.


Extra heats will be inserted in both meets in case of ties at 16th and 40th places only.

Late Scratches

A scratch is considered late if submitted past the start of Divisionals.

Late scratches are subject to a $25 fine per event. The responsibility for the payment of fines belongs to the pool.

Fines may be waived if proof is provided of illness or medical/family emergency. The request must be submitted in writing to Judy Erickson by July 25th at the SAIL Board meeting or can be mailed to 24 Buckingham, Greenville, 29607.

To Scratch During the Week

Call Judy Erickson at 297-1978. You MUST TALK to Judy and get confirmation. Messages left about a scratch will not be accepted.

Scratches During the Meet

Should a swimmer become ill during the Championship or Classic meet and is unable to swim in their event(s), the coach must immediately notify the Judy Erickson or Dianne Mitchell. Judy and Dianne will be at the officials table behind the starter. It will be necessary to have a doctor's excuse or documentation from the medical personnel on duty.

Classic Meet Openings

Should an opening occur in any event in the Classic Meet, the top qualifier for that event in the Championship Meet, who has not requested to scratch from the Classic Meet, will be required to move up and fill the 16th position. Refusal to move up will result in the removal of the swimmer from that Championship event.


Swimmers designated as alternates who are not called by 12 midnight, Thursday July 14th will not be subject to late scratch penalties if openings occur after that time. If openings do occur after that time, and the alternate can be contacted or is present at the pool, he/she will swim.

Meet Officials

The Referees, Starters, and Stroke and Turn officials are chosen because of their years of experience, their proven integrity, and their dedication to SAIL and the sport of swimming.

A meeting of all C/C Referees, Starters, and Stroke and Turn Judges will be held at 7:30pm Friday July 15 at Westside Pool.

All other meet volunteers will be divided according to the number of team qualifiers.

Marshals 30 minutes before start of warm-ups Concrete pad near meet results board
Timers 15 minutes before meet start In front of coaches bleachers
Clerk of course 30 minutes before meet start COC tent
Runners 15 minutes before meet start SAIL table near starter/electronic timing
Awards, Medals, First place Shirts 10 minutes before meet start Wading pool
Servers 10 minutes after meet start Hospitality table at rear of pool area

Tent Area Assignments

Tents will be placed between the tennis courts and the clerk of course area according to the plan determined by the Meet Director. The area assigned to each division will be lined off and marked with spray paint. Things to remember:

  • Do not hang banners from tents.
  • Teams must share the area.
  • Set up can begin at 4pm Friday, July 15.
  • All tent stakes must be covered with a soft material.
  • There must be a tent parent responsible for group control and swimmer notification IN THE TENT during the meet.
  • Responsibility to get swimmers to their events falls to the parents and the team.
  • Clerk of course will NOT look for a swimmer on the playground.

Clerk of Course

The placement of team and clerk of course tents will be very similar to last years set up. The Clerk of Course tent will again be on the side of the building.

Display boards will indicate what event is being called. There may be a person with a headset who will communicate with C of C and walk the tent area with a bullhorn. Responsibility to get swimmers to their events falls to the parents and the team.

Swimmers who miss their event will not be allowed to swim that event. If a qualifier does not report to COC by the time the qualifier's heat is seated on bench #6, an alternate will be placed.

Coaches are not allowed in Clerk of Course.

Severe Weather Plan

The Greenville County Recreation Department (GCRD) staff will be in contact with the National Weather Service to monitor potentially bad weather to eliminate the element of surprise. In the event of severe weather, GCRD requires that all spectators and swimmers go to their vehicles to wait out the storm. Families should make a plan for this possibility to avoid mass confusion in the tents.

The decision to halt the meet belongs to the referee and the GCRD staff. The referee, GCRD representative, lifeguard, SAIL President, and Meet Director will decide when the meet will resume.

"Bloody" Sunday

The Executive Committee will meet Sunday, July 10th to consider Divisional protests, review officials for C/C, determine the Championship/Classic seedings, and assemble information packet for SAIL Reps. All protests should be delivered by the coach and/or SAIL Rep to the Executive Committee no later than 9:15am.

The location of this meeting is not yet determined. SAIL Reps will be notified by E-mail where this meeting will be in the event a team has a Divisional protest.

SAIL Reps must come to the FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH GREENVILLE at 4pm to pick up the C/C information packet containing the practice schedules, meet warm-up schedules, parking passes, etc. Please go to the "drive thru" that is located between the two main church buildings.


Deliver completed order form and a check for the TOTAL to TJS on Monday, July 11th after 9am and before 4pm. TJS will begin receiving orders at 10:00 am on Monday morning the 11th. They ask that all orders be in by 8:00 pm on Tuesday the 12th. Orders will be processed on a first come, first served basis. You will be advised as to the time for pick up and review of your order. No orders will be ready until after lunch on Wednesday – all orders received by 8:00 pm on the 12th will be finished by Friday at 2:00pm.

Champs Individual Classics Individual Champs Summary Classics Summary Total Summary

Use of Warm-up Cool-down back pool at Westside during C/C

The pool area directly behind the bulk head may be used for cool down and warm up ON A LIMITED BASIS. The use of this pool does not take the place of the warm-ups scheduled before the meet begins. Misuse of this area my result in its closure.

Heat Sheets

Heat sheets will be sold for $5 at a table on the end of the pool near the warm up pool. Heat sheet sales will begin around the time of the first warm up. There are separate heat sheets for each day.

SAIL Reps - pick up your heat sheet at the sales table. You will receive one full heat sheet and one "guts only" heat sheet that you need to give to your tent parent.

Coaches - please pick up your heat sheet and badge at the Executive table located by the coaches area.


Coolers: Swimmers may bring small coolers to the tent area. However, no food or beverage may be taken into the building.

Parking and Passes: There will be less parking again this year so, please consider carpooling. Parking passes will be given out on Bloody Sunday.

Generators: SAIL will be providing generators It will be necessary to bring a long extension cord to reach from tennis courts to tent area.

First Place Shirts: First Place Shirts will be handed out in the Awards area (baby pool area) AFTER the results have been verified.

Medals: Each team should bring their SAIL blue tub to the baby pool area before the start of the meet on Saturday. The tubs could be brought when the tent is sent up or when the officials meet Friday night. Medals will be available to pick up after the end of Classics on Sunday. They will only be released to SAIL Reps and must be signed for.

Senior Swimmers: SAIL Reps must furnish the names of all senior swimmers on their team via E-mail to their Division Manager by the seeding meeting before Divisionals. Correct spelling is the responsibility of the SAIL Rep. The Division Manager will then compile the list and E-mail it to the Division Meet Director and Dianne Mitchell, or .

Towels: Towels left on the bleachers will be removed and put in lost and found at the end of every session and before the beginning of warm ups.