SAIL of Greenville
Swim Association Invitational League
Greenville, South Carolina
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Historical heat sheets from the Ancient Days posted!
Take a look and see who was in SAIL in the 70s and 80s!

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Divisional Meet Results - 2013

Team Mascot Code Division Boys Girls Total Relays Points Quality
No data available for this year.

The bold Team hosted the divisional meet.

The Metcalf Cup is awarded by scoring the first twelve places of every event. First place receives 13 team points, second place receives 11 and so on down to the twelfth place receiving one team point. The bold point score in the Points column is the Metcalf Cup winner in each division.

The Founder's Cup is awarded by dividing the total team points by the number of swimmers entered into the divisional championship meet. The bold point score in the Quality column is the Founder's Cup winner in each division.