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Craig Report - Week Three

My Travels Through SAIL - 6/14/2007

Well, did anyone swim last night?

We had some bad weather around the county last night. I was fairly close to a Mini van that got zapped by lighting in a parking lot.

Now is an ideal time to go over the rules a bit for canceled meets.? If the swimmer was entered in the meet, was present at the facility, and the meet is cancelled, the meet counts towards the needed TWO meets to qualify to swim in Divisionals.

Make up of the meet is up to the SAIL Reps to either reschedule or to cancel.? It takes a lot of work to reschedule a SAIL meet in some of the neighborhoods. Home owners Association's need to be contacted to make sure there are no conflicts, Officials need to be contacted to make sure they are available.

Believe it or not, there is life outside of SAIL!

On to my travels ...

First Stop - Orchard Farms at Botany Woods

On my way out to the pool I had the CD's running in the car on shuffle, as I got to Edwards Road AC/DC was playing at Max Volume, (Is there any other way to listen to AC/DC), the song? Thunder Struck! How appropriate!!!!!!

Lea Bagnal was running around making sure everything was just right for the meet. Nice lady, she gave me a couple of free coupons for Chick-fil-A! I can be bribed with FOOD!

Well, we were waiting for everyone to show up as Botany Woods was in the pool warming up with Maggie Aiken, and Graham Mitchell, directing with final suggestions to swimmers on starts and strokes. It started to drizzle a little as Botany Woods was finishing up. I saw a swoosh of Brittany Farr and Anna Snow as they herded their swimmers to the pool.

Then a big clap of AC/DC. No, that was thunder.

It quickly went downhill from there. The G'ville News photographer was there, standing around like everyone else .. Waiting, and Waiting. I said my goodbyes and thought I may try another side of town.

Second Meet - Neeley Farms at Devenger

Never made it to the pool!? In front of Eastside High the road was under water! It was doing some real serious raining on the Eastside!

So, I gave up on the driving thing and since I was already there, I went to Silver Leaf just to say Hey!? Everyone was huddled under the pavilion watching it rain!? After about 5 minutes, a very large bolt of lightning hit a minivan sitting in the parking lot about 20 feet from everyone!? That was enough, AC/DC said MEET OVER!? People started making their way to cars and home.? I sat for a while and told stories and lies to all that were left. Thanks to Gretchen Lentz, Chris and Cathy Hotz for listening!

Well that's it. Let me know if anyone is going to reschedule a meet today or the weekend.