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Craig Report - Week Four

My Travels Through SAIL - 6/26/2008

First Stop, Thornblade @ Woody Creek

I was met at the front gate by Melissa Whitaker the SAIL rep for Woody Creek. They sure do have a nice pool deck. The last time I was at their pool was when they were hosting the Divisional meet. At that time the ability to see the whole pool deck was a bit tough. Coaches Katherine Evatt, Garrison Carpenter, and Emily Whitaker all had some very nice additions to their "stuff" carried to a meet. The team had made carry totes for them. You know, those bags that you take to the beach to carry books, sunscreen, and the like. But the team had made them out of Duct Tape. Yep, not the gray colored kind but they had made them from actual team color tape. Theses things were full size, not something small. They even had the team initials on the outside. Garrison actually got what he called a "Man Purse".

Thornblade was there in their red and black. I have somehow been to two of their meets this year. Roger Diggelman, Julie Burns, and Libby Flanagan were there trying to get the 8&U Relay together. Ever seen someone try to stack marbles? That's what four heats of 8 & U looks like in Clerk of Course! Bless you folks that volunteer for that job.

Second Stop, Canebrake @ Botany Woods

Botany Woods, one of the ORIGINAL SAIL pools. BW may be getting up in years but you sure couldn't tell it by looking at the pool. This place just shows class, can't put my finger on it, but it just comes out from the members as well as the swim team. Tyler Watson is the Coach; I have had many talks with Tyler over the years. Very sharp Coach, always on top of the happenings of his team.

Canebreak, I have talked too much about these people! Canebreak, you rock, just plain and simple. Hutch, you have a wonderful family!

Third Stop, McCarter @ Heritage Lakes

WOW what a change. Heritage Lakes has been on a building boom. They have made many changes in their pool. A resurface of the pool, new tile, demolished the old pump house, built a new one, added deck space, and new paint all over. These people have been very busy. This is also the home of the 2007 4A Champions, Mauldin High Swim Team. Head Coach Morgan Padgett and Linda Erwin were on the deck doing their thing for the team.

McCarter Coach Maria Seer was there as well. Maria was right on top of the officials. Yep she is one that will go to the Ref and ask questions when she sees something that's not right. I have been on all the Coaches about doing this! Good Job McCarter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fourth Stop, Wellington Green/Brookfield @ Knollwood/Brookside

My home pool, I really haven't spent much time at the meets here. I was afraid of showing partiality toward my homie's. What can I say, after 13 years of time spent every summer here, I just can't thank all the volunteers enough. Brookside is now looked over by James and Tracey Tanzey for the most part. They don't do it alone but James spends many hours at this place. And James it shows! Good job buddy, very good job.

Oh, there was a swim meet; Amanda Hughes and Rachel Whitacre are the Coaches for KWBS. For Wellington Green/Brookfield there was Megan Neubauer and Evan Harris. Looked to me that the meet was just about over around 9:30. Efficiency makes meets end early, especially if you have the volunteers with the experience of these teams.

Well that's it for the 4th week.

Next week is going to be a bit weird; some of you will be holding meets on Tuesday through Thursday due to the Fourth. Good Luck to all of you.

Remember what the 4th of July is celebrated for!

Our Independence and our Freedoms.

Coach Liaison
Craig Smith