SAIL of Greenville
Swim Association Invitational League
Greenville, South Carolina
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Historical heat sheets from the Ancient Days posted!
Take a look and see who was in SAIL in the 70s and 80s!

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Divisionals 2008

Division Results ? ? ?
Division Meet Information Directions
RED Stone Lake
Friday -- 10&U, meet: 4:00pm, warm-up: 1:50pm
Saturday -- 11-18, meet: 9:30am, warm-up: 7:20am
Meet Director: Leslie Nihart, h:235-0266, c:386-2224
Wade Hampton (US-29) to Chick Springs Rd, north 2 miles, pool on left
PURPLE Woody Creek
Friday -- 11-18, meet: 5:00pm, warm-up: 3:15pm
Saturday -- 10&U, meet: 10:00am, warm-up: 8:15am
Meet Director: Susan Fincher, h:292-9671, c:704-3937
Pelham Rd to Boiling Springs Rd, thru 4-way stop, right on Sugar Creek Rd into Sugar Creek Sub, first left on Woody Creek Rd. 1st left parking lot, pool on left
WHITE Forrester Woods
Saturday -- all ages, meet: 9:00am
Warm ups: 7:00am
Meet Director: Ed Benton, h:987-9272, c:979-1144
I-385 toward Simpsonville, take Woodruff Rd exit, turn right at yield, cross RR tracks, left at first light, Miller Rd, go 1 mile, Fire Dept on left, past Fire Dept take 3rd right on Middle Rd, stop sign, left on Stoney, stop sign, right on Piney Grove
BLUE Wellington Green
Saturday -- all ages, meet: 9:00am
Warm ups: 7:00am
Meet Director: Maureen White, h:292-8562, c:420-0685
from East North Street turn on Imperial Dr (0.3 mi), turn right at Kenilworth Dr (0.1 mi); turn right at Bridgeport Dr; pool on right
GREEN McCarter
Saturday -- all ages, meet: 9:00am
Warm ups: 7:00am
Meet Director: Anne Peterson, h:268-5935, c:346-3069
from 291/N Pleasantburg turn onto Sweetbriar Rd. Follow Sweetbriar until it ends at McCarter Ave, pool on left
GOLD Botany Woods
Saturday -- all ages, meet: 9:00am
Warm ups: 7:00am
Meet Director: Tony Vanderwood, h:322-8492, c:313-4992
Pleasantburg Dr (SC-291) past old Liberty Life, right on Edwards Rd, immediately past Baptist Church, left to pool